Only the best cacao beans, roasted to perfection

We are a small company located in beautiful Redondo Beach, CA. In 2010, stemming from our desire to create delicious blends with cocoa/cacao beans and introduce them to the market, we started our company. From our eagerness and passion to create the best products, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and experience in the process of producing cocoa/cacao beans with a delicious taste without compromising its benefits!We have personally worked with cocoa/cacao beans for over 10 years in Brazil and several years in the U.S. to develop a method of preparation compatible to a roasting schedule that would not damage the whole bean. Along with preserving its natural form, including the shell/skin, we are able to bring a depth in flavor that is not realized in processed cocoa/cacao products offered in the market today. This method is a patent-able process and could revolutionize the way chocolate is made in the future.


Many nutritionists, athletes and just every day folks advocate the benefits of eating cocoa. Some even call cocoa a Superfood!One of the founders of Whole Bean Delights is a runner. Al has run 4 marathons, several half-marathons, and numerous other races. When he was 30, he ran a 4 minute 26 second mile. Over the last few years, Al has been experimenting with cocoa beans and has found that they provide extra energy.Contrary to the effects of caffeine from coffee, cocoa beans have theobromine (a stimulant) which is a vasodilator. It does not do harm to you like coffee does while exercising.When running long races, bring several packets of our cocoa beans in your running belt pouch. We also recommend eating a couple beans before a workout. The energy gain is from a natural source and is easy for the body to digest.Because of Whole Bean Delights’ unique, patentable process, we retain the whole cocoa bean in our food products and all its nutritional benefits.

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